Beauty On The Go

                                                                                          The Ultimate Personal Makeup Shopping Experience

Meet me at the makeup counter, we're going shopping! 

No more wasting money on makeup you don't use!

A Makeup shopping experience tailored just for you!

Are you tired of being overwhelmed by sales people and confused with all of the new makeup trends? Want to streamline and updated your beauty bag? Sick of being sold foundation that doesn't match your color or skin concerns? Then you need a personal makeup shopper!

With over 10 years of makeup experience and a licensed esthetician, allow Fabulous Faces Makeup to personally accompany you on a beauty buying mission. Helping you build the most Fabulous makeup bag filled with shades and textures tailored to not only your skin, but your budget. While shopping get professional tips and education from a beauty expert. 

We are brand neutral and not affiliated with any specific cosmetics companies so you will get honest product suggestions without pressure to buy.

If you are ready to equip yourself with all of the tools needs to create a Fab Face at home schedule your personal makeup shopping experience today. Book anywhere from 1.5 hours to 3 hours today.