We Don't Know What We Don't Know: A Honest Conversation About Credit & Money with Jeremy Goodson, Owner of Absolute Credit Solutions LLC

We want to have the knowledge and tools that we need in order to equip not only ourselves, but also future generations. Jeremy Goodson, of Absolute Credit Solutions LLC, joins me inside The Diva's Den to equip us with the knowledge on Credit, Finances, and how to start building Wealth. He is dispelling the common rumors about credit and opening the dialogue about investments. Jeremy shares his personal experiences with credit, both personally and professionally. Tune into Part 1 and stay tuned for Part 2

It's Not Perfect, but it's Worth It!

It's Not Perfect, but it's Worth It!

Happy New Year and welcome to Season 2! Episode one opens up the season with me sharing a day in the life of entrepreneurship and building a brand. I share some of the challenges that arise and how I overcome them to have an overall successful event. Some look at a persons accomplishments and think the journey is perfect and it's now. I explain how it isn't always perfect, but it's always worth it!

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What about your Friends?!

My Fab Diva's Alexandra, Angela, Nikki, and Tre join me in The Diva's Den to kick off an open discussion on friendship. We talk about the highs and lows of friendship and the importance of having quality friends. We answer the question: Do you feel sorry for women who don't have women friends?

Diva's Den with Tavia Ep. 4 Girl Talk with my Fab Diva Tyrah Walker

Talking with Author, Model, and my Fab Diva Tyrah Walker about her brand new book " Bouncing Back To Me: Overcoming Jealousy, Depression, and More"

Tyrah and I met at a fashion show and became fast friends. Sharing with one another past hurts and how we were able to make it through to be stronger and more wiser. We discuss her process of becoming an author and how her relationship with God pushed her to write her first book at the age of 23.

Diva's Den with Tavia Ep. 3 So we Not speaking with Angela Andrews and Nikki Hatton

Join Tavia and her Fab Diva's Angela and Nikki as they discuss why Black Women are not speaking to one another. With all of our Black Girl Magic, we are still not focusing on one of the most important relationship: the relationship we have with one another

Diva's Den with Tavia-Part 1: EP 1

Diva's Den with Tavia-Part 1: EP 1

You all know me as Fabulous Faces, but I’m stepping from behind the makeup chair, to the forefront to give you my perspective on Life, Love, and the Pursuit Of Happiness.


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